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23 April 2011

Using the highest space of your Pen drive

For different reasons we use Pen drive. Generally highest space of your pen drive is not used in your computer. You can use highest space of your pen drive if you wish.
What to do:
01. Go to "Properties"

02. "System Properties"

03. "Hardware"

04. "Device Manager"

05. **Find out your pen drive from "Disk Drivers"

06. Right click" on Your Pen drive

07. Go to "Properties"

08. Go to "Policies"

09. Select "Optimize for performance"

10. Select File system "ntfs"

11. Give "Allocation unit size=512 bytes"

12. Tick on "Enable compression"

13. Select "Start"

14. Now you can keep more files in your pen drive.
To use the highest space of your pen drive, remove all files from your pen drive first. Then “Right Click” on your “My computer” or “Computer” icon in the desktop. Then do the followings:

If you can’t find your pen drive from “disk drivers” then “Right click” on each drive and watch “properties” of all drives. In which drive’s properties box show this massage “Use this Device (enable)” is your pen drive.
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