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14 May 2011

Make A mobile Version of your website Free!!!

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6 great tips to get more traffic to your blog/website

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11 May 2011

Add link to your site ,Grow your pageRank

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7 May 2011

How do I add Reactions to my blog?

Want to add reactions  to your blog posts???Read the below post to add reaction to your post..

6 May 2011

Make your facebook account safer

Make your Facebook account safer:
Are you anxious about your Facebook Account???Now a day a common saying is “My Facebook account is hacked!!!”Some simple consciousness can make your Facebook account or other Internet account safer. Some of these steps are;
  • ·         Keep your Username and passwords in a safe place. Don’t save them in your browser when your browser asks you to save your Username and password.
  • ·         Logout from all your internet accounts each time you login. Specially when you are using public computer in a cyber cafe or your friends computer.
  • ·         Make sure that all your Internet accounts have different Username and passwords.
Make Your Facebook Account Safer By The Followings:
1.       Login To Your Facebook Account
2.       Go to “Account”
3.       “Account Setting”
4.       “Account Security”
5.       Tick on “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible.
6.       Tick on “Send me a text message”
7.       Save The settings
8.       From Now when you or anybody enters into your Facebook account a text message will come to your mobile and mail address containing IP address, Position, Login Time etc.
9.       So if anybody hacked your account you can take steps using those information.

Increase typing speed of your computer

To Increase Typing speed of your computer you need to increase “Repeat Rate” of your computer. To do so follow the below Table;
1.       Go to “start”
2.       “Control Panel”
3.       “keyboard”
4.       “keyboard Properties”
5.       In the dialogue box take the “Repeat Rate” bar to “Fast”
6.       Apply
7.       ok
8.       From now your computers typing speed will increase.

Refresh all your drives in a click!!!

If you are user of windows operating system then you can refresh all your drives in a mouse click. To do it copy and paste the following code in Notepad;
Echo Off

Here C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L  are the sign of your computer drives. Replace them with your computer’s drive names. You can add more drives if you wish. Just write down the name of your drive and write “Tree” under it. That’s it!!
Now press  Ctrl+s  to save the file. Give the file name “Refresh Drive.bat”. Save it to your desktop or where you would like to keep it. Double click on the file and all your drives will be refreshed……