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23 April 2011

Use the Pen drive as RAM

For different reasons we use Pen drive. Generally highest space of your pen drive is not used in your computer. You can use highest space of your pen drive if you wish.
What to Do:
You can use your pen drive as RAM If you wish. To do so you must have a 2GB pen drive or higher. This will increase your efficiency of your computer. If you wish to do so then follow these steps:
01.  "Right click" on your "My Computer"

02.  Go to "Properties"

03.  Select "Advanced"

04.  "Performance"

05.  "Settings"

06.  "Advanced"

07.  "Change"

08.  Now select your pen drive from "Drive custom size"

09.  Then select "custom size" radio button

10.  Fill up the "initial size" box with minimum size your computer accept

11.  **Fill up " Maximum size" box with the Memory of your pen drive

12.  click "set"

13.  "Apply"

14.  "OK"

15.  Restart your computer

Always give 5-10MB less than what your pen drive memory has. Suppose your pen drive’s free memory is 3600MB.Then in the “Maximum size” write “3595” or “3590”.Do not type MB, it is given.
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