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25 April 2011

Solve Copying problems in Pen drive!!!

For different reasons we use Pen drive. Generally highest space of your pen drive is not used in your computer. You can use highest space of your pen drive if you wish.
What to Do:
01.Go to "Start"


03.Write "regedit" and press "Enter"



06."Current Control Set"



09."Double click" on "write Protect"(XP) or "Default"(Win 7)

10.In the "Value data Box" write "0"

11.Click " Ok" to save it

12.Now it'll be ok to copy files in pen drive

Many times we face problems copying files into pen drive. If the error message looks like “cannot copy cd keys: The disk is write-protected. Remove write protection or use another disk.” To avoid this.. problem do the followings:

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