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2 March 2011

Beautiful Bangladesh-The Sundarban

Deep in the jungle
##The Sundarban (Bengali: সুন্দরবন, Shundorbôn) is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. The name Sundarban can be locally translated as "beautiful jungle" or "beautiful forest" in the Bengali Language. The name may have been came from the Sundari trees that are found in Sundarbans in huge ammount.On the other hand it has been guessed that the name is a corruption of Samudraban (Bengali: সমুদ্রবন Shomudrobôn Sea Forest). But the generally accepted view is the one associated with Sundari trees.

The forest lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal formed by the confluence of the Ganges(India), Brahmaputra(India) and Meghna(Bangladesh) rivers across southern Bangladesh. The seasonally-flooded Sundarbans Freshwater swamp inland from the mangrove forests on the coastal fringe. The forest covers 10,000 of which about 6,000 are in Bangladesh. It became inscribed as a UNESCO World heritage site in 1997, but while the Bangladeshi and Indian portions constitute the same continuous ecotope, these are separately listed in the UNESCO World heritage list as the Sundarbans(Bangladesh) and Sundarban National Park(India), respectively. The Sundarbans is consists a complex network of tidal waterways and mudflats of salt-tolerant mangrove forests. The area is known for the biggest Cat Royal Bengal Tiger (Scientific name:Panthera tigris tigris) and various fauna including species of birds, spotted deer, crocodiles and snakes. The fertile soils of the forest have been subject to intensive human use for long long time, and the place has been mostly converted to intensive agriculture, with few enclaves of forest remaining. The remaining forests, together with the Sundarbans mangroves, are important habitat for the endangered tiger.
Sun setting down at the era of jungle

Additionally, the Sundarbans serves a crucial function as a protective barrier for the millions of inhabitants in and around southern part of Bangladesh against the floods that result from the cyclones that are a regular occurrence on this coast.If you want to know more about Sundarban visit the link of DC of  khulna;Bagerhat Satkhira

How to Go:From Dhaka you can go to Khulna in 4 ways.

The roadway: you can go to Khulna by Bus.In this case you should know which Buses go to can query it any of the Bus counter in Dhaka.Green-line,Hanif,Eagle,Sohagh are some of them.

The Railway:you can go to Khulna by Train and get the ticket from any of the 3 stations of Dhaka.

The airway:In this case you can come from Dhaka airport to jessore airport and then from jessore you can come to khulna by the bus of airport authority.

The waterway:Some traveling agency offer you to visit the Sundarban through waterway.They will take you to the deeper of Sundarban by Their Launch.Moreover they arrange some good arrangement to make the Journey more enjoyable.
The Beautiful Chitra deer
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